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                                                                                      Fall 2009


Come Children, Sing! Goes to College!

A new college course on early childhood music learning brings Come Children, Sing! Online Music Classes into Head Start Classrooms. The course is a collaboration between Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis, Northwest Indiana's two-county Geminus Head Start and the Come Children Sing Institute.


Come Children Sing Institute Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Come Children Sing Institute marks its 25th anniversary with the launch of exciting new initiatives. Founded in 1984 by Mary Ellen Pinzino, the Come Children Sing Institute has evolved from classroom-based research and development in music learning to technology-based music instruction for the 21st century.


University offers Graduate Course on the Work
of Mary Ellen Pinzino

The University of Delaware is offering a graduate course for music educators on the work of Mary Ellen Pinzino. According to Dr. Suzanne Burton, Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of Delaware, "Mary Ellen Pinzino's work provides a clear lens on music development and pedagogy……"


Exceptional Parent Magazine Presents CCS Article

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, What a Musical Child You Are!" by Mary Ellen Pinzino, appeared in the March issue of EP Magazine, a journal for the special needs community. The article is also posted here.


Parenting 3  

Celebrate the young child's musical brilliance! Invite parents, preschool teachers and daycare providers to listen to this free audio presentation.
Introduce friends to the power and potential of the young child's musical imagination!


CCS Presentations for Parents and Teachers

Mary Ellen Pinzino continues to do presentations for parent groups and early childhood educators. 2008-09 conference presentations included the Illinois State La Leche League, the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children,


Did You Know….?

…that Come Children, Sing! has reached 34 states and 8 countries?

…that Come Children, Sing! Online Music Classes now provide at least three years of music instruction for young children?

…that Come Children, Sing! continues to offer free online music classes to children with special needs and has given gift certificates to more than 400 families? Contact Us.

…that Come Children, Sing! continues to provide free online music classes to families that have been hit particularly hard by the economy? Contact Us.



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