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CCS Launches Online Teacher Education Center

Come Children, Sing! is pleased to announce the opening of the Come Children Sing Institute Online Teacher Education Center. The new center offers online courses for graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education credits to teachers all over the country. Courses are designed to meet professional development needs of both early childhood educators and music educators through alliances with Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis, and Quincy University, Quincy Illinois.

The Online Teacher Education Center greatly expands the "online campus" of the Come Children Sing Institute with the addition of many new resources for teachers and a course management system used by many universities. The integration of the Online Teacher Education Center with Come Children, Sing! Online Music Classes creates a dynamic opportunity for teachers to engage in professional development with their own children, using their own setting as a teaching/learning laboratory for music learning.


CCS Online Curriculum Development

Come Children, Sing! Online Music Classes for young children now offer three to four years of instruction, providing for ongoing music development throughout the preschool years. Currently 12 CCS Online Classes take children from infancy into higher levels of music learning. CCS Classes 10-12 introduce music reading activities to children in much the same way that they are brought into reading language. The CCS Music Reading Activities read music to 3-5 year old children and provide little music reading books that parents can read to their children away from the computer. Children "read" the little music books independently as they do their favorite storybooks.


Parenting 3  

Celebrate the young child's musical brilliance! Invite parents, preschool teachers and daycare providers to listen to this free audio presentation.
Introduce friends to the power and potential of the young child's musical imagination!


CCS Child Interface Prototype Developed

The Come Children Sing Institute has developed a prototype for a child interface for Come Children Sing! Online Music Classes. Designed for 3-5 year old children, the child interface provides for children to be in the driverís seat at the computer, "practicing music" independently, in addition to parent/teacher led activities.


Presentations for Teachers

Mary Ellen Pinzino continues to reach new groups of educators about music learning. Recent outreach to early childhood educators includes various presentations for Illinois Action for Children and Illinois STAR NET, serving childcare, parents of young children with special needs, and professionals in the early childhood community. Outreach to music teachers includes the Mid-Atlantic


Free CCS Classes to Children with Special Needs

Come Children, Sing! continues to provide free gift certificates for children with special needs. Tell parents of children with special needs and their support organizations to contact us about free online classes. Contact Us. Continuing advanced CCS classes are also provided free for children with special needs.


Purchase CCS Gift Certificates for new baby gifts, shower gifts, birthdays, and holidays.



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