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"This is a valuable collection of songs, written out of a knowledge of children's voices."

Alice Parker, Composer/Arranger/Conductor

"Mary Ellen Pinzino's SONG LIBRARY is an important contribution to the literature for young singers. The combination of imaginative song literature and refined technology makes this music education resource a contribution to the profession."

Doreen Rao, Elmer Iseler Chair in Conducting, Director of Choral Programs, University of Toronto

"The Come Children Sing Institute SONG LIBRARY is a welcome new and rich source of songs and chants suitable for teaching music to children of early childhood age as well as to elementary school students. The songs and chants were developed and researched by the author in the actual teaching of young children. I recommend them as excellent supplementary materials for use in the classroom."

Edwin E. Gordon, Professor of Research, University of South Carolina

"The diminutive compositions in the SONG LIBRARY are musical gems that are accessible to young singers and engaging to people of any age. Mary Ellen Pinzino has created a sequential resource on which children can joyfully cut their 'musical' teeth."

Mary Goetze, Professor of Music, Indiana University School of Music

"The CCSI SONG LIBRARY offers a valuable resource for music learning from preschool through university, including children's chorus and children's church choir. Those who employ the approaches of Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Suzuki, or a Gordon will treasure the musicality and versatility of these songs, as well as the beauty of the settings in a variety of modes and unusual meters. This is a wonderful resource that will be treasured by teachers and loved by children."

Patricia Wurst Cichy, Assistant Professor of Music and Music Education, Providence College

"Mary Ellen Pinzino's SONG LIBRARY offers teachers and choral directors a musically satisfying and refreshing collection of material to enrich the vocal repertoire for children. The songs are significant for their tonal and rhythmic interest and the care with which the texts have been chosen and set. This collection provides teachers and students with a great variety of joyful and challenging music experiences."

Annabelle Joseph, Director, Dalcroze Training Center, School of Music,
Carnegie Mellon University

"Mary Ellen Pinzino has created an incredibly diverse and appealing selection of music for young children. The rich variety of tonality, text, meter, and style will provide hours of joy as well as a strong musical foundation for a lifetime of music participation."

Mary Palmer, Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music Education,
University of Central Florida

"These are wonderful songs for children of all ages! They provide a delightful multicultural base of song literature for the Orff-Schulwerk! Teachers will be enthralled with these songs for their rich modes and creative potential. It is the first time I have seen an application of advanced Orff-Schulwerk modal studies to the classroom. I highly recommend the Come Children Sing Institute SONG LIBRARY!"

Rene Boyer-Alexander, Professor of Music Education and Director of the Orff Schulwerk Program, College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati

"The Come Children Sing Institute SONG LIBRARY is an exquisite treasure of musical gems. These songs just sparkle, and will awaken the musical and poetic imagination. They will enchant singers and listeners alike."

Joan Isaacs Litman, Kodaly Institute, Capital University

"This SONG LIBRARY provides an easily accessible, large library of literature for the teacher of children of all ages. The repertoire is varied, ranges appropriate for the targeted ages, and the settings are appealing and well written. The SONG LIBRARY will provide a wealth of teachable material for the elementary music teacher and choral conductor alike."

Beverly Baar, Former ACDA Central Division Repertoire and Standards Committee Chair,
Children's Choirs

The SONG LIBRARY is a wonderful collection of art songs for children of all ages. Hearing and learning to sing these beautiful songs will enrich a child's life musically and artistically. The Song Library is a valuable resource to develop the child's musical vocabulary through experience with the whole language of music. Its rich tonal and rhythmic content, sensitive and whimsical texts, and lovely piano accompaniments will enhance a child's musical experience.

Beth Bolton, Associate Professor of Music Education, Temple University

"The Come Children Sing Institute SONG LIBRARY has been an invaluable resource in my music classroom, offering flexibility and variety in lesson planning at all levels of musicianship. Children of all musical and chronological ages have been enchanted by these songs. Lovely poetry and original lyrics are combined with tonalities and meters in a delightful way that truly engages their musicianship. I am very excited that the Song Library is now sequentially organized and easily accessible on computer."

Lea Lamb, Former Music Teacher, Oakwood Elementary School, Lemont, Illinois

"I have been using Mary Ellen Pinzino's songs with my students for several years. The children not only enjoy these songs, but are often mesmerized by them, as they speak to the artistry and musicianship in each child. Pinzino has used some of the best poetry for children, beautifully blending text and melody in the richness of different tonalities and meters. Pinzino's SONG LIBRARY is a rare musical gem."

Carol Wickersham, Music Teacher, Nathan Hale Elementary School,
Lansing, Illinois

"I highly recommend the songs written for musicals. These songs make every child a star! They showcase the beauty of children, offering a marvelous vehicle for self-expression. They allow teachers to design tailor-made musicals for their students, whatever the creativity of the teacher or students. With or without props, costumes or scenery, these songs celebrate the joy of children!"

Kim Morgan, Artistic Director, New York musical theater

Dear Mary Ellen, Thanks for sending the Sampler! You are obviously well acquainted with the needs of children, for you are a genius at composing the exactly right type of song. The music fits in violin as well, as the keys match the Suzuki reading levels. Use of major, minor, dorian, phrygian modes and strong rhythmic structure enhances teaching possibilities. I wish to congratulate you on your marvelous ability and look forward to sharing it with my violin, (including the activities suggested) students!

I remember very well your teaching – you were so creative and sensitive, making learning a joyous activity. Your music is an extension of your understanding of children. I wish you much success as you continue to help children! It was a pleasure to read through the delightful music! Best wishes.

Margery Aber, Emerita Professor of Music, Founder/Director Suzuki Program, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

  Recordings mastered on a Yamaha Disklavier acoustic/digital piano
Courtesy of Piano Division, Yamaha Corporation of America

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