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Articles by Mary Ellen Pinzino [ordered by date]
For music teachers, choral directors, parents, and early childhood educators.

Exploring Children's Artistry (*Series A #1, ECMMA, 2012)

Art Songs for the Very Young (*Series A #2, ECMMA, 2012)

More About Children's Artistry (*Series A #3, ECMMA, 2012)

Considering the Online Territory (*Series B #1, ECMMA, 2012)

Online Professional Development (*Series B #2, ECMMA, 2012)

More About Online Professional Development (*Series B #3, ECMMA, 2012)

     * Series of conversations with Dr. Rick Townsend

Music Activities or Musical Activities? (RIMER 2011)

Online Professional Development for Early Childhood Music (ECMMA

Perspectives, 2010)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, What a Musical Child You Are! (EP Magazine, 2009)
(RE: Children with Special Needs)

Parenting Music (Audio Presentation, 2008)

Awakening Artistry in the Choral Rehearsal (International Choral Bulletin,

Feed the Meter (Southwest Division ACDA, 2006)

Audiation In Flight (Michigan GIML, 2005)

Sing a Song of Technology! (Association for Technology in Music Instruction,

A Conversation with Edwin Gordon (Musicstaff.com, 1998)

Ode to Movement (Letters On Music Learning, 1995)

Audiation-Another Way of Knowing (Letters On Music Learning, 1994)

Art Songs for Young Children (Letters On Music Learning, 1992)

Song Writing (Letters On Music Learning, 1991)
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