Early Childhood Educators:

Discover the musical brilliance of every child! Sing along, move along, play along, and go along with the online curriculum with your children, whatever your musical background. Engage in songs and music activities that stimulate music development during the most important years for music learning.

The Come Children, Sing! Online Music Curriculum provides songs, movement, and music learning activities for you to use with your children throughout the course. You can play MP3 files with your children directly from the computer or download them to play on a CD or MP3 player. You will need to use a computer with sound capabilities and Internet access throughout the term. Tech help is available.

[Courses for Professional Development Hours are available at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Courses are structured much the same, but course content is appropriate to the level of education.]

Credit Options:

Professional Development Hours

(with or without CEUs or CPDUs)

Graduate credit

ECMMA Certification


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