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The Come Children Sing Institute Online Teacher Education Center brings professional development to you! Engage with your own computer and your own group of children to meet your needs for continuing education. Enroll in 21st Century teacher education!

Experience the convenience and value of online education over short-term workshops, seminars and conferences. Learn in the comfort of your own home and classroom, on your own schedule, without the cost of travel, housing, or conference fees. Engage in long-term teaching and learning with ongoing support at your fingertips. Discover the wonder of music learning in your own children. Choose online courses for professional development hours, CEUs, CPDUs, graduate credit, undergraduate credit, training hours, ECMMA certification, or independent study.

The Come Children Sing Institute Online Teacher Education Center will provide instruction and support throughout the length of the course you choose. You will be able to access online instruction and all necessary materials from any computer at any time, and you will have full use of the abundant Come Children Sing Institute SONG LIBRARY. You will have direct email access to the instructor, Mary Ellen Pinzino, whose passion for the process of music learning will ignite yours! You will also have direct and ongoing access to tech help throughout your course of study. Choose the online option that meets your needs for continuing education.

Mary Ellen Pinzino
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