Fundraisers? Silent Auctions? Walks? Membership Drives?

Come Children, Sing! has donated gift certificates to:

Arthritis Foundation—Greater Chicago Chapter “Arthritis Walk”
WMHT Educational Telecommunications

TV Auction—Troy, New York
WFMT Membership Drive—Chicago’s Fine Arts Station
Huntington's Disease Society of America—Orange County
"Walk for the Cure"

Over 300 gift certificates have been donated to children with special needs through:

Easter Seals
National Association of Down Syndrome
National Down Syndrome Conference
National Federation for the Blind
Arthritis Foundation—Greater Chicago Chapter
Early Intervention Specialists, Inc.—Pennsylvania

And other national, state, and regional organizations and

listserves that support children with special needs.

Contact Us about how Come Children, Sing! can serve the fundraising needs of your organization.

Class of 2021
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